Our studio is filled with ceramicists, some just starting out, some with years of experience, all ready to share their community with you.

If you're someone who's just starting out, or maybe just creating as a hobbiest, our Gym Membership offers you access to our fully equipped communal spaces and your own storage space.

Our Memberships Coordinator is happy to answer questions and organise orientations.

Available facilities

Enormous workshop/benched area,
5 Kilns
Slab roller,
Full ceramic supply store for all your clay/tool/glazing needs.
A retail space for ceramic-wares.
On-site technicians
Over 18 in-studio glazes, plus glaze area
Plaster area
Tools, molds and equipment
24/7 access

Gym Membership

Ideal for those starting out, or hobbyists.

Your own space on our Gym Members shelves, so you don't have to schlep your work/materials back and forth.

Access to the Communal Area (above)

Reduced fee from $60 to $15 for Open Studios, where you can get help on your projects from our tutors,

Reduced firing costs for members.

We have two options available:

$45/week for a 74cm x 78cm shelf space aimed at the casual member 

+ one month security

$65/week for a 1.33m x 1m shelf space aimed at the member with a bit more time on their hands :)

+ one month security