Charged by bisque weight, at $15 per KG with a minimum charge of $5.

You must book in a time before dropping them off- we cannot guarantee firing time and may not accept your work if you do not book in

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Terms and conditions of firing


We provide the schedule for firing and ALL all kilns are packed by technicians. There is a first come first serve basis for firing. We will only fire pieces made if you have ceramic experience and know the clay and glaze you are using.

How long does it take?

We do not guarantee you will have your items by a specific date, so give yourself plenty of time. But we do have a pretty quick turn around most weeks.

Sometimes things go wrong....

Kiln misfires happen! We will run you through again free of charge. 

Kiln mishaps happen! We are not responsible if your piece, explodes, warps or is otherwise damaged as a result.
In the unlikely event your piece is dropped or damaged by a technician, or incorrectly fired through human error, we will not charge for firing, and offer credit of that amount, to remake and fire it for free. 

Kiln delays happen! We may move schedules back if needed. 

Concerned about a runny glaze? Make and put it on a setter. If your glaze runs and you didn’t provide a setter, you will be charged a kiln shelf cleaning fee of $25. 

If you put the wrong clay body into a firing and it melts, you will be charged a kiln shelf cleaning fee of $25. 

If your work catastrophically melts or explodes, you will be charged for any damage to the kiln, and may have to pay other potters for any damaged work. 

Glazes must not flash, or contain salts.

Please don’t get experimental with what you put in your body or glaze without telling us. It’s very dangerous and we need to vet each addition. 

Solid sculptures, or armatures are a no-no. 

If your work looks like it’s going to break or explode, we can’t fire it. Vitrifying a broken/non-functional piece so it can’t break down and is just landfill, isn’t what we’re about.

Clay Sales

Clay Wollongong has a selection of clays available for purchase. Give us a call or shoot us an email to find out what's in stock.


Snowwhite midfire $25

Stoneware BWF $25

Stoneware Buff raku $25

Terracotta $25


Terracotta $25

Black Midfire $40

Dark Matter $40

Red Earth $30

Clay stock or Firing Inquiry