What is your COVID-19 policy?

We will continue to follow all NSW Health regulations, so if they recommend masks again, so will we. We'll expect you to follow whatever they may be.

Currently, this means if you're in self isolation, we will reissue you with a rebooking code if you have Covid, or flu-like symptoms.

Additionally, you may like to think carefully about how sensible it is to attend a class with lots of others if you're a close contact.

While we no longer require you to be vaccinated, we strongly encourage it.

Our rebooking policy applies to groups of up to three people. If you've four, or more, we can issue a rebooking code for the person affected, plus a freind.

Please let us know via EMAIL ONLY on hello@claywollongong.com

What do I need to bring to class?

You can bring an apron or an old t-shirt if you're worried about getting muddy. You won't get super dirty, and the clay doesn't stain, but you might be a little dusty. You're more likely to get muddy in our Wheel classes than in our Handbuilding classes.

Bring along drinks and nibbles if you like. Due to it being a pottery studio, not a hospitality venue, we don't have the facilities to store/wash lots of cups or plates so please BYO.

How long does it take to fire my piece?

It usually takes around 3-4 weeks to fire, but make sure you keep your eyes on our pick-up page so know when it’s ready. As we have HUNDREDS of students, we can only keep your work for 3 weeks after it’s fired. After this time it will be disposed of. Please let us know if you need more time to collect, or we can arrange delivery.

How many pieces can I make in my wheel class?

The ticket price of our one off wheel classes includes glazing and firing of ONE finished piece (to be picked up from our studio), any extra pieces can be glazed and fired at $10/piece). We also offer delivery of your ceramics, if you can’t make it back to our studio! Delivery is $10/piece :)

What is your cancellation or reschedule policy?

Tickets are not usually refundable. You can reschedule your tickets up to 48 hours before your class. We allow one reschedule per booking. You need to let us know via email ONLY - not texts. The easiest way is to reply to you confirmation email, or failing that, email hello@claywollongong.com with your booking details.

If you've signed up for a four or six week class, please note, we do NOT offer make up classes. You must be able to attend ALL class dates as listed.

Coming to a class with others and one is experiencing cold/flu like symptoms or tested positive for Covid with less than 48 hours notice? We'll happily reschedule your small group (1-3 students). Unfortunately, we're unable to reschedule entire groups (3+).

What if I'm late or forgot about my class?

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer make up sessions or refunds if you are late or forget. Classes start on time, and our tutors may not be able to go through everything a second time if you are late, so please try to arrive a little early. Doors open 15 mins before class begins.

But why?!

In the same way a Cinema or a Live music venue has ticketed events, the ticket price paid is for a seat at the event, which still goes ahead with the same costs to the business, even if there are no-shows, unintentionally or not. Unfortunately for us, the costs are much higher as we have such a small capacity. Unless it's an unforeseen accident or illness, where we take on the loss ourselves out of good will, we're not usually able to reschedule without being notified VIA EMAIL before the 48hour window.  

For this reason, we send out a confirmation email, and a reminder email. Please ensure you enter you email correctly, and check your junk. We cannot be responsible for you not receiving - our system tracks times and dates when sent.

What if I don't like what I've made?

While our teachers are great at what they do, sometimes the end result isn't what we had hoped. Practice makes perfect and every class is a step towards that :)

What happens if my pot cracks in the kiln?

Clay Wollongong is not responsible for a piece cracking, breaking, exploding or any other type of unsatisfactory result after firing. Cracks happen.

How will I know when my piece is ready to pick up?

Just go here.

What happens if my piece goes missing?

Please make sure to bring a photo when you come to pick up - you’ll be reminded in class and your emails. We’re not able to help if you forget to do this.

What happens if I forget to pick up my piece?

We can’t keep work longer than the 6 week pick-up window. Your work will take 3-4 weeks to be fired, and then will be kept for a further 6 weeks (so about 2.5 - 3 months in total from the date of your class).

If you don't pick up your work within this three month window, we'll assume you don't want them and they'll be donated to raise money for WIRES Australian Wildlife Rescue. We match all donations dollar for dollar.

We're thinking of arriving drunk?

If our tutors think you, or one of your group is too drunk, then we’ll ask you all to leave, so let’s look after each other.

I'm thinking of being abusive to your staff or other students, cool?

Our staff are very lovely. We’ll cancel your ticket on the spot, and you won’t get a refund. We’ve only done this twice in three years and thousands of students. Don’t be the third.

What are your opening hours?

Tuesday 12 - 6pm

Wednesday 12 - 6pm

Thursday 12 - 4pm

Friday 12 - 4pm

Saturday, Sunday, Monday - Closed for pickup