Good Stuff Makers Workshops

Good Stuff Markets is a curated event celebrating local emerging artists occurring 3 times a year each where Clay Wollongong’s large studio in Wollongong CBD is activated into a bustling market with over 30 stallholders, live music, vinyl DJ’s, drop-in classes, and local food and beverage operators.

This Winter were bringing some of our favourite makers to you to share some of their amazing knowledge.

Introduction to Silver Jewellery with Anna Wales from Unu Jewellery

100% handcrafted and sustainable jewellery brand based on the Coal Coast of New South Wales. Inspired by all things natural, UNU aims to recreate the intricate and unpredictable forms within nature.

Introduction to production throwing with Naomi Eburn

There’s no end goal – like you can’t finish learning. I’m always just trying to get better. That really informs my practice because I just want to practice getting better and better at my technique and repetition really lends itself to refining that skill.