Members Journal: Kyati Suharto

Members Journal: Kyati Suharto

Welcome to the third instalment of our Members Journalan ongoing series that gives you an in depth look at some of our working members, their artistic practice, and what inspires them.

This week we talk in conversation with our inimitable (and hardest-working) studio manager, interdisciplinary artist Kyati Suharto. 

Kyati makes small one-of-a-kind batches that embody her playful, laid-back approach to her art-making practice. Kyati's unconventional creations encourage her to embrace life's absurdities and savour the humour that's all around us.

How did you get into art?

I'm forever thankful for growing up immersed in my family's creative world. With their nurturing support and my childhood steeped in music and art, I've journeyed to where I am today, specializing in ceramics. Also, graduating from the National Art School initially elevated me into the cool realm of ceramics.

What does an ideal day look like for you at Clay Wollongong?

An ideal day for me unfolds gently, waking without an alarm. I relish a leisurely pace – a cold dip, basking in the sun, and preparing my two perfectly boiled eggs – before immersing myself in the studio. The backdrop of tunes (and snacks!) is essential, and a productive studio day often carries me home well past sun down. As night falls, I slip into my ritual, sipping celestial sleepytime tea while scrolling through memes that have come my way.

"Clay possesses this special kind of magic that really captivates me -- it's such a forgiving medium yet it has it's own memory that captures my every touch and it's pretty amazing how quickly or slowly it can transform (my practice) depending on my mood."

What inspires your artistic practice?

Inspiration knows no bounds as I navigate both of my cultures– from my cherished chooks to the flavours of my Dad’s Javanese cooking and even crocs, a quirky touch of humour! My artistic roots intertwine with those of my siblings and close friends, I love sharing my ideas with them and bouncing off all of theirs. Collaborating with them, exchanging ideas and drawing from their own creativities is a constant source of inspiration and growth for me and my practice. 

How does clay shape your practice?

My journey with clay began back in art school, an encounter that felt like love at first touch... I feel this special, unparalleled kind of joy watching my ideas solidify through clay and come to life right in front of me.

Are you a local to Wollongong? What draws you to this place?

Though I grew up in Marrickville, I've recently embraced Wollongong as my new home. The South Coast holds a distinct landscape and pace of life that I deeply admire. While it ain't no Marrickville, Wollongong possesses its own unique charm that now holds a special place in my heart.

You can keep up with Kyati via instagram at @kyatism or her website. You'll also find her at Sydney Ceramics Market on Sunday 7th October where you can grab your very own treasured piece hand-made by Kyati!